Glass is ideal material for packaging. It is made of easily available, natural materials. Economically it is profitable and environmentally safe. Sand is the basic element, soda allows melting and fluidity, and limestone gives stability to the glass.

Why Choose Glass Packaging?

  • glass is stable and natural
  • glass has visual appeal and is clean material
  • it is top rated as packaging for beverages, foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceutics
  • high quality products in safe glass packaging keep their real quality and freshness for long
  • glass as such is inert and resistant to diffusion so nothing from the outside environment will penetrate into the product

If nature chose packaging, it would choose glass, because:

Glass protects the product

  • longer shelf life (protects the content from humidity and oxygen)
  • keeps the same quality and properties

Glass protects humans

  • It is chemically inert – glass packaging does not need any additional protective internal coating. Health organisations therefore consider it the safest packaging material

Glass protects environment

  • it can be 100% recycled endlessly
  • energy consumption is reduced by using recycled glass in production